The Exe Estuary extends for some 12 kilometres from the harbour entrance (Pole Sands) to Countness Wear and a further 3 kilometres to Town Quay, Exeter. The Estuary is protected from the open sea by Dawlish Warren, a natural sand spit, and by Pole Sands which forms a natural breakwater between the approach navigation channel and the open water.

At low tide two third of its water area dries out, revealing sandbanks, mudflats and eelgrass beds which provide important habitats for marine life and feeding birds. The limited extend of water restricts navigation and also the areas that can be used for deep water moorings. The constant movement of sandbanks and mudflats results in the need for regular surveys of the main channel, mainly for relocation of the navigation buoys and for assessing the need of dredging. 


This is an interactive map showing the various moorings found on the Exe Estuary. Click on the pins to display more information about the mooring sites. The hatched area shows the mooring sites that belong to the Lower Exe Mooring Authority (LEMA). 

Please Note: Not all these moorings are available to visitors and not all the pins are entirely accurate in their positioning. Please contact the necessary authority before visiting.