Local Consultations

HemingwayDesign Want Your Views on Exmouth Seafront

You can now go online, give your thoughts and take the survey asking for your views and ideas about the future of Exmouth’s Queen’s Drive site and its role for the future of the seafront and the town. No closing date has yet been given for the online survey.

More information via the East Devon District Council website here: www.eastdevon.gov.uk/regeneration-projects/regeneration-projects-in-exmouth/hemingwaydesign-want-your-views-on-exmouth-seafront

Direct link to HemingwayDesign survey here: www.hemingwaydesign.co.uk/exmouth-opportunities-queens-drive




National Consultations

Fisheries white paper: sustainable fisheries for future generations

Seeking your views on our future approach to fisheries management.

This consultation closes at:


Consultation Description

Leaving the European Union provides an opportunity move away from the Common Fisheries Policy, to create a sustainable, responsible and responsive policies. We want to know your thoughts on the future of fisheries.

Some of the proposals outlined in this paper will apply to the whole of the UK, while some apply to England only.


More information: www.gov.uk/government/consultations/fisheries-white-paper-sustainable-fisheries-for-future-generations