Lympstone Fishery and Harbour Association

The Harbour Board of the Lympstone Fishery and Harbour Association (LFHA) dedicate much time and effort and expertise to the funding, improvement and maintenance of the Associations property. This includes the foreshore throughout the Parish and to the south as far as Courtlands Cross, the Harbour, 43 acres of moorings (fundus) and crab tiling activity. It does this not just for users but also because the property is a cherished asset to the village. Such are the pressures to use the facilities that membership is now restricted to permanent residents of Lympstone. The Harbour Board maintains its property by licensing all who use its facilities (other than for pedestrian access) with an appropriate fee.

As an EEMP partner, the LFHA is a key stakeholder representative for commercial and recreational interests on the Exe.

The LFHA representative on the partnership is Neil Downes.