Partners of the Exe Estuary Partnership

The Exe Estuary Management Partnership (EEMP) is made up of representatives from the various organisations that are responsible for managing different aspects of the Exe Estuary.  By working together as a partnership, the group can provide a cohesive approach, communicating easily and making the most efficient use of limited resources.  This ultimately benefits both the estuary environment and the local communities and businesses that rely on the area as a resource or for enjoyment.

A Partnership Committee provides the strategic lead for the EEMP, which is comprised of all funding partners and statutory authorities, who approve the overall direction and approach of the work undertaken. A smaller Executive, mainly made up of key management bodies, guides the operation of the Partnership. A Stakeholder Forum provides the community lead and stakeholder engagement, with two Forum Chairs elected at the Winter Forum by the local community to represent their views on the Partnership. The EEMP employs an Estuary Officer to act on its behalf but retains authority for their work through bi-annual Partnership Committee meetings.

Further information on the structure and role of the EEMP, along with minutes from partnership meeting can be found on our Partnership documents page.

Funding Partners:

Non-funding Partner Authorities:

Additional Representatives:

Partnership Diagram

Exe Estuary Management Partnership 2024/25