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Exe Estuary Management Plan 2016-2021

The Exe Estuary Management Partnership (EEMP) coordinates management of the Estuary on behalf of relevant bodies to balance competing demands. The Exe Estuary Management Plan details management measures to guide key and statutory organisations in delivering their statutory duties in a co-ordinated manner. It outlines policies, issues and five-year objectives to ensure sustainable use of the Exe for the future. The plan incorporates the Management Scheme for the Special Protection Area (Regulation 34, Habitats Directive), identifying policies which aim to achieve favourable condition of the protected wildlife and supporting habitats.
This version of the Management Plan reflects current priorities of the partnership, based on the scientific report, the ‘State of the Exe Estuary 2014’, which presents the information currently available on the condition of the environment. A further review will be carried out during 2021 to inform a new plan for the following five years.
Management measures within the plan are implemented through an Annual Delivery Plan, which identifies who is responsible for a given action.

EEMP Memorandum of Agreement

The agreements which provides the framework for the functioning of the partnership.

Governance Arrangements for the EEMP (2018)

Summary of the current structure of the partnership, following a review which was undertaken in 2018, to address a number of inefficiencies and overlap in the old arrangements.

Overview of Management Roles for the Exe Estuary

With numerous bodies involved with the management of the Exe Estuary, it can be confusing to know precisely who does what. The EEMP has worked with partners to produce a paper which provides an overview of management roles for the Exe Estuary. This paper aims to clarify the roles of three bodies in particular and explains key differences between each.

Recreational Framework

This document compiles information about the current activities on and alongside the Exe Estuary, together with a review of the existing behavioural controls that manage these activities.

Exe Estuary Partnership Structure

This diagram illustrates the structure of the EEMP and the various partners involved. Further details about the EEMP partners can be found on our Partner pages.

Delivery Plan 2024-25

This Delivery Plan indicates how the Management Plan will be implemented during 2024-25 and identifies who is responsible for a given action, including ongoing monitoring and reporting requirements for an Annual Review.

Exe Estuary Annual Review 2022-2023

Partnership Committee Meeting Papers

The Partnership Committee provides the strategic lead for the work of the EEMP. Agendas and Minutes for meetings of the Partnership Committee can be found here.

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