Studies and research

Being a site of such international importance for wildlife as well as an important area for local residents to enjoy and use, the Exe is often the subject of scientific studies and surveys. Monitoring is essential to indicate whether the current management of the site is sufficient, to ensure that development and activities are not having a detrimental effect on the estuary. In order to make effective use of past surveys and data that has been collected, and to be able to look for trends in the condition of the various features, it is important that the data and methods of previous surveys are accessible.

Past reports are catalogued in the Exe Estuary Inventory of Surveys and Scientific Reports 2010 and more recent studies are listed below.

Exe Disturbance Studies:

Exe Estuary ‘Love Your Local Catch’ Scoping Report

Please note that this report is a work in progress and will be updated as further information becomes available. The Exe Estuary ‘Love Your Local Catch’ Scoping Report  has been commissioned by the Exe Estuary Management Partnership on behalf of the Exe Estuary Coastal Community Team, in partnership with the Devon Maritime Forum. The aim of the report is to explore how the value and potential of the local commercial fisheries sector on and around the Exe Estuary could be maximised.

 Exe Estuary Bait Collection Disturbance Literature Review 2016

The Implications of Bait-Digging and Crab-Tiling Activities on the Waterbirds of the Exe Estuary 2015 

Wetland Bird Survey (WeBS) website and data

Pacific Oyster Scoping Report

Review of Experience from Dawlish Warren BMS 2020