Exe Estuary 2022-2027 Management Plan Consultation


6-week consultation – closing date: October 10th, 23:59 

  • The consultations is available via Microsoft Forms

  • The consultation is based around the Workshops at the Stakeholder Forum on September 15th. The consultation provides an opportunity to feedback in finer detail. You may attend/complete both if you wish. However, you may feel one is suffice.
  • You do not need to complete each section, focus on your interest area or knowledge and expertise (this is particularly relevant for the ‘Issues, Actions, Policy’ section. You may fill out as little or as much as you like.

  • All responses will be considered, but may not be included in the Final Plan in order to reflect a balanced approach.


Details of national and local consultations will be posted on this page as and when relevant.

If you are aware of any current consultations which should be included, please email the Exe Estuary Officer.