Exe Estuary 2022-2027 Management Plan Consultation

The six-week Management Plan consultation ended on 10th October 2021. Feedback received from the consultation is being fed into the review of the Exe Estuary Management Plan, along with feedback from the Stakeholder Forum workshop which was held on 15th September. Details will be posted online as and when they are available.

All responses will be considered, but may not be included in the final plan in order to reflect a balanced approach.

Thank you to all who responded.

Consultation Report 2021

Feedback from the public consultation is being taken into consideration for the review of the Exe Estuary Management Plan. A summary of responses can be found in the Consultation Report, which is now available as an accessible document and as a PDF document. Please note that this is an amended version from the one initially made available (if you would like to have access to a version which highlights the amendments made, please get in touch with the Exe Estuary Officer). Annex 1 of the Consultation Report contains full responses from the online consultation form and is available as an accessible document and as a PDF document. Annex 2 contains the public consultation emailed responses and is also available as a PDF document. If you need an accessible version of Annex 2, please contact the Exe Estuary Officer.

Additional feedback was received by key stakeholders / organisations / partners outside of the online consultation forms. These will also be taken into consideration during the review of the Management Plan.

Details of national and local consultations will be posted on this page as and when relevant.

If you are aware of any current consultations which should be included, please email the Exe Estuary Officer.