Woodbury Parish Council

Woodbury Parish Council (WPC) is one of four parish councils that sit on the Exe Estuary Management Partnership. Woodbury Parish council logo

WPC exists to represent the interests of the whole Woodbury community. With ‘Gillbrook’ originating on Woodbury Common, running through Woodbury village and subsequently into the River Exe via Exton, Woodbury parish is directly connected to the Exe Estuary. Policies in the rural environment effect the estuaries well-being.  With multiple entry points onto the Exe and wide ranging vista’s over the estuary the Parish Council is keen to protect the natural environment.

Woodbury Parish Council’s representative is Councillor Richard Parr.

Richard attends the Main Meetings as a Woodbury Ward Councillor. Richard sits on the Planning Committee and Assets & Estates Committee.

Richard is a local Farmer.

Woodbury Parish Council’s supporting officer is Anne-Marie Bates, Clerk to the Council.