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During 2004 the Exe Estuary Management Partnership organised and led an environmental health audit of the Exe Estuary.  The survey consisted of four walks, on different sections of the Estuary, in order to identify potential pollution sources.  Unfortunately, although the walks were completed the report was never finalised due to the Exe Estuary Officer leaving her post and a replacement was not employed for more than 2 years.

In 2008 we resurveyed the estuary with the aim of completing the report by reviewing any concerns from the previous walks and identifying any new potential issues.

The underlying aim is to work towards improvements in discharges and land use management to protect / improve water quality, general environmental quality and the health of the estuary as the receiving environment for the Exe catchment.

Throughout October 2008 the Estuary Officer worked with the Environment Agency, Devon Sea Fisheries and interested local residents to complete the four health walks once again.  We were very fortunate to be joined by John Gibson who also attended the original walks and was able to clarify some of the method used.

The study provides details of all of the drainage points on the Estuary with information as to their purpose and source as well as any other possible concerns that were identified.  A list of necessary actions is given where appropriate and the progress of these actions will be available through this page.

If you would like to make any comments or find out more please email the Estuary Officer or call 01392 382236.