Introducing the Exe Estuary Management Partnership

The Exe Estuary Management Partnership is made up of representatives from the various organisations that are responsible for managing different aspects of the Exe Estuary.  By working together as a Partnership, the group can provide a cohesive approach, communicating easily and making the most efficient use of limited resources.  This ultimately benefits both the Estuary environment and the local communities and businesses that rely on the area as a resource or for enjoyment.  The Partnership also includes two Forum Chairs who are elected at the annual Winter Forum by the local community to represent their views.  

The Partnership employs an Estuary Officer to act on its behalf but retains authority for their work through quarterly Management Group meetings.  The Exe Estuary Officer delivers an Annual Delivery Plan which is based around a set of objectives and priorities set out in the Management Plan drawn up by the Partners and informed by the State of the Exe Estuary report.   An Annual Review is published at the end of each year which sets out the Partnership's achievements during the preceding year. Partnership publications can be viewed and downloaded from this site.

Partnership Structure

Who's Who?

Exe Estuary Officer

The Partners


The Partners

The Exe Estuary Management Partnership brings together the organisations who have a responsibility for managing the Estuary to form a coordinated approach.  The partnership is funded by:

Devon County Council
East Devon District Council
Teignbridge District Council
Exeter City Council

Exmouth Town Council
Dawlish Town Council

Starcross Parish Council
Woodbury Parish Council
Clyst St George Parish Council
Bishops Clyst Parish Council
Natural England 
Royal Society for the Protection of Birds

Lympstone Fishery and Harbour Association
Powderham Estate
British Canoeing

Although not funders of the partnership, Devon and Severn Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Authority and the Environment Agency are invited to attend Partnership meetings because of the relevance of their activities.

An organisational diagram showing the structure of the Partnership is available for viewing.

The work of the Partnership is guided by the Exe Estuary Management Plan 2016 - 2021 which sets out all of the key issues faced by the Estuary and includes objectives to address areas of concern.

The Management Plan was based on a scientific report of the Estuary that was carried out called The State of the Exe Estuary 2014.

The objectives of the partnership are delivered through the Exe Estuary Officer who uses the Management Plan to create an annual Delivery Plan to guide their work.

The Partnership guides the work of the Estuary Officer through their quarterly Partnership Committee meetings, where all of the funding partners are represented by an Officer, and the Local Authorities are also represented by an elected Councillor.  The Partnership Committee is chaired by Devon County Councillor Jeffrey Trail.

The officers also meet quarterly at the Executive group where items are discussed and refined prior to the Partnership Committee meetings.

To meet the representatives on the partnership please view our Who's Who? below.

Who's Who?

Lyn TroutForum Chair - Lynn Trout

Lynn came to Topsham in the early 1960s and has watched the Estuary evolve over the past 50 years.  There seem to be increases in most aspects of the Estuary putting strains on the basic infrastructure.   There are more severe weather incidents, more birds and more people especially around the shores.   Lynn believes the continued health of the communities, business, the wildlife and the environment around the estuary is tied to good and active housekeeping of the estuary by the users.  Active intervention where necessary.

Lynn is also one of the Directors of the boatyard W Trout & Son Ltd, which has been in business since 1902.  Its continued presence is partly dependent upon a healthy estuary.

 Tel: 01392 873044    Email:


Forum Vice Chair - Jeremy Rawlings

Jeremy’s history is engrained in the Exe, enjoying sailing, motor boating, walking and cycling since early childhood. His great grandfather was an Exe salmon fisherman, his father was an early founder of the Exe Powerboat and Ski Club. With an interest in all areas of the Exe, Jeremy believes that the estuary must be maintained and managed for future generations to enjoy in all its guises with the exclusion of no one interest. Jeremy is a practicing barrister and as such understands the interplay and workings of statute, statutory bodies, European law and the interplay between all the aspects of such a partnership as the Exe Estuary. Jeremy approaches the role with professionalism and neutrality, whilst promoting the interests of the Exe users.


Devon County Council – Councillor Jeffrey Trail BEM

County Councillor for the Parishes of Lympstone and Woodbury.

As a person who has given many years of Military Service and now local government I accept the challenges ahead of me for the benefit of the Exe Estuary Management Partnership, Devon and all Exe Estuary users.

As a forward thinking, listening individual, I will endeavour to engage with EEMP and all user groups. All ideas are welcome for the benefit of the City of Exeter, Towns and Villages, and visitors to The River Exe.



East Devon District Council – Councillor Michael Howe

Councillor Michael Howe is an East Devon District Councillor and is a Member of the Overview and Scrutiny Committee and Development Management Committee. He is also a Member of the Economy Portfolio Holder's Think Tank and East and Mid Devon Crime and Disorder Scrutiny Panel.

Tel: 01392 879479    Email:

Teignbridge District Council – Councillor Ted Hockin

Councillor Ted Hockin is District Councillor for Dawlish Central and North East Ward and acts as Vice Chair for the Exe Estuary Partnership Management Group. His Committee responsibilities include Audit Scrutiny Committee, Overview & Scrutiny Committee, Licensing Act 2003 Committee (Chairman) and Regulatory & Appeals Committee.

Tel: 01626 862088        Email:

Exeter City Council - Councillor Andrew Leadbetter

Councillor Margaret Baldwin is the Ward Member for Topsham.  Her Committee responsibilities include: Scrutiny Committee - Economy, Scrutiny Committee - Resources, Final Accounts Committee, and Grants Committee. 

Tel. 01392 217151          Email:      Web:


Exmouth Town Council – Councillor Bruce De Saram

Councillor Pat A Graham is a Member of the Licensing and Enforcement Committee and the Corporate Services Portfolio Holder's Think Tank. She also has responsibilities with the East Devon Business Forum and Member Development Working Party.

Tel: 01395 273423    Email:


Starcross Parish Council - Councillor Andrew Cadbury

Andrew Cadbury is Chairman of Starcross Parish Council.

Tel: 01626 890466   Emal:


Woodbury Parish Council - Councillor Graham Murrin

Tel: 01392 873017     Email:


Dawlish Town Council - Councillor Terry Lowther / Clouncillor Martin Wrigley

Tel:  01626 862011





Natural England –  Andrew Stanger

Natural England is the Government's advisor on nature conservation. It manages nature reserves, helps others to manage protected wildlife sites, and strives for a countryside richer in nature.  Andrew is the Marine Lead Adviser for the Exe Estuary. His role within the Partnership is to advise on how to protect and enhance the wildlife for which the Exe is internationally renound.

Tel: 0208 02 68158
Email: Web:


Gavin BloomfieldRSPB - Gavin Bloomfield

Tel: 01392 453761     Email:





Neil DownesLympstone Fishery and Harbour Association - Neil Downes

I have lived for most of my life beside the Exe Estuary enjoying the facilities it offered both on the water and on the land. In 1989 I was fortunate to become the Chief Fishery Officer of Devon Sea Fisheries Committee and the fisheries, shellfisheries and marine environmental issues within the Exe Estuary came within the organisations responsibilities. I retired from this post in March 2007 and live at Lympstone. I am Chairman of the Lympstone Fishery and Harbour Association where I am actively involved with the issues in concerning leisure boating and harbour management. I was Forum Chair for the Exe Estuary Management Partnership for over 20 years.

During the time I was with Devon Sea Fisheries I attended many meetings concerning the management of the Exe Estuary, the first of which was the meeting in 1993/94 when Posford Duviver submitted the first Exe Estuary Management Plan.  This document attempted to identify the many and varied interests that took place in and around the estuary. Although contentious at the time, it did form a basis for a network of topic groups to be created who sought to ensure that errors were corrected and their interests represented. I attended many Joint Management Committees which endeavoured to address these issues as well as maintain the necessary funding to keep an Estuary Officer in post. This has been an essential post to in order that the Estuary Management Plan can be amended in the light of the new environmental legislation. The Estuary being a European Site, a Ramsar Site and SSSI is a sensitive area where the interests of those who live in the vicinity have to be dovetailed with the interests of nature.



Supporting Officers

The local authority representatives (councillors) are supported by Officers who have regular contact with the Exe Estuary Officer and feedback relevant information to the representatives.

Devon County Council – Peter Chamberlain, Environment Manager and Line Manager to the Exe Estuary Officer.

East Devon District Council – James Chubb, Countryside Team Leader.

Teignbridge District Council – Graeme Smith, Estuaries Officer.

Exeter City Council - Colin Acton, Waterways Team Manager.

Exmouth Town Council – Lisa Bowman, Town Clerk.

Starcross Parish Council - Suzanna Hughes, Parish Clerk.

Woodbury Parish Council - David Craig, Clerk to the Council.

Dawlish Town Council - Andrew McKenzie, Town Clerk.


Supporting Organisations

Environment Agency – Hugh Davey

Hugh is East Devon Catchment Co-ordinator for the Environment Agency.

Tel: 01392 354177; Email:

Devon and Severn Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Authority (D&SIFCA) – Katherine Stephenson

As Environment Officer of D&SIFCA, Katherine is responsible for sea fisheries management of Devon's estuaries and coastal waters. This includes a great interest in shellfish management, for both cultivated and natural stock. D&SIFCA is also responsible for the sound management of the marine environment, working with Natural England and other wildlife organisations for the benefit of the fisheries resource.

Tel: 01803 854648     

Exeter City Council - Colin Acton

Colin is Waterways Team Manager, based within the Civic Centre, Paris Street. 

Tel: 01392 265791    Email:


Dawlish Town Council - Ann Tipper

Tel: 01626 863388   Email: