Exmouth Local Nature Reserve (LNR) is a massive area of tidal sand and mud at the southern end of the Exe Estuary – in fact, it's one of the biggest LNRs in Devon. It's also a globally important area for overwintering waders and waterfowl. In the autumn thousands of birds fly from the freezing Arctic to spend the winter months on the estuary, one of Devon's most impressive natural spectacles.

Dark-bellied Brent geese make their way to this place every year in September and during the winter months, other wildfowl crowd into the estuary to feed - look out for huge flocks of widgeon and graceful pintail ducks.

Walking out over the sandbanks at low water offers you the chance to get away from the town and explore a wilderness in the middle of the estuary.

The LNR is managed by East Devon District Council and more information is available from their website.